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Couples Coaching

2 day Immersion Couples Coaching Package:

Intimate Conversations-

Do you yearn to have a deeply safe, loving and sexy connection with your partner?

Join Teja Valentin in this dynamic group class for intimate conversations and practices.

We will have some Q&A time and partner up and to explore some techniques to deepen intimacy and awareness. Perfect for those in relationship and for those who want to be!

Questions? Free 30 minute clarity session included.

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Do you yearn to to have a deeply safe, loving and sexy connection with your partner?

As you embark in this “Intimate Conversations” journey, you will both be supported by learning how to communicate effectively in your course and open up your communication about different sexuality and relationship topics. Having opened up your capacity to communicate with each other on a deeper level can help your relationship evolution and heal so that both partners can feel loved, supported and accepted.

Perfect for those in relationship! We will explore some techniques to deepen intimacy and awareness as a couple and have some Q&A time, meditation and light breath work for further integration and understanding. Topics to be included: Communication essentials, love language, couple bubble, relationship goals, sex magic and the erotic blueprints.

This course helped to rekindle our connection and the true meaning of our relationship. For example, the eye gazing exercise was a wonderful experience to help us reconnect. We are also more aware and sensitive to each other's needs physically and emotionally. We would like to continue practicing what we learned.
Teja is a compassionate and sensitive coach who shares her knowledge to help bring couples closer. She creates a relaxing and fun environment to learn.

S. B.