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Teja’s Story

You can read Teja’s story in
Women Who Dream, available on

"Passion is the opening to living life fully tapped in and turned on."

~ Teja Valentin

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The power of inspirational stories is a force that can shift tides.

Teja’s contribution found in the book, Women Who Dream, is a moving piece of writing. She is ‘a way show-her’ for all women who have a dream and those searching for their own purpose. Her life is still unfolding before her and knowing the path she has been on provides hope and reassurance. Along with it is a knowing my dreams have the possibility of coming true too.
The mountains she has climbed metaphorically and physically proved that feminine willpower is within all of us. What a motivational example for all women.

“The courage and perseverance you had to overcome past conditionings, survive cancer, and awaken to your truth inspires me to continue reaching for my dreams.”

~ Esther Clark

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