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Yoni Eggs

Although the concept of gemstone yoni eggs is somewhat new throughout America, it is something that has been appreciated and used throughout Asia for thousands of years, promoting better health, increased well being, and mind-blowing sexual experiences.

Over the last two thousand years, the practice of using jade eggs has evolved and developed. Since the ancient secret of yoni eggs was discovered, the power of jade eggs have been passed down through the generations to new cultures, spreading improved sexual health throughout the world. Today different crystals are used to practice kegel exercises using pure, raw earth energy.

Gemstone yoni eggs are now known to be a powerful solution for strengthening and tightening a women’s pelvic floor and vagina, which gives internal balance, mind-blowing orgasms and access to her own sexual power. By strengthening the vaginal muscles and improving the health of sexual organs, yoni eggs can enhance your life, showing you a whole new side to your sexuality. Who doesn’t want full sexual sensation and mind-blowing sex?